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Nice looking RS2000 oin carsales in June 2018 - somewhere in NSW undisclosed at the time. Was asking $59,990.

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Advertised on Ebay Australia in June 2018, this RS2000 coupe had a starting / asking bud of $15,000, reserve not met. Original Yelow Fire paint.

Non-matching numbers motor, has rust as shown in pics, has hail damage. missing RS Steering wheel.

Scheel seats in good condition retrimmed at some stage,  rest of interior has usual sun damage for vehicle of this age.

Runs & Drives well once warm, requires choke and maybe a tune.

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An excellent opportunity - this one came up on Gumtree Australia in June 2018, asking just $7,500! The RS2000s are taking off, and this one represents a bargain - no matter how much rust it may have.

The seller noted that it has 2lt pinto engine it runs. With 5 speed sierra gear box. NO mention as to whether the engine is matching numbers.

Check out the other cars on the RS2000 MK2 Ford Escort Register.

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AN interesting offering on in June 2018 - from the wording of the advertisement it appears to be a GT mock-up - with genuine GT parts added to a Cortina coupe. Still, a very rare car, The original advertisement noted the following: A genuine English Assembled MK 3 2 Door, has G.T parts added to it as in photo's. Has all G.T wiring loom all gauges work including the dash clock. Plates on HOLD, in overall good condition. Has an Aussi assembled 2.0ltr motor with oversized pistions in it, lumpy cam, and lightened and balanced flywheel.

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Body: Restoration complete. Painting next.
Engine: Machining complete, rebuild progressing.
Gearbox: Rebuilt
Front & rear suspension: Cleaning and passivation ongoing

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GF8 WRX STI Version 5
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Race prepped RS2000 - been meaning to add this one to the register for a while. Advertised on gumtree in June 2018 asking $35,000. Seller at the time noted it has a 2.0 Duratec Engine, 5 speed (Ford Seara) T5 gear box, Haltech engine management system, Fuel cell, Dry sump , full rotisserie nut and bolt restoration , it started life as an original MK2 RS200 2 Door with tags

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This example is in amazing condition - an original Cortina GT MK2 which was offered on in May 2018. 

To see the others, check out the Ford Cortina MK2 GT register.

This neat little GT Cortina has an interesting history which has been researched and documented by its previous owners, and accompanies the sale. 

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1967 SRL 2000. Soles Mikuni crabs. 50, 500 actual miles. Restored. Very good condition. All original. Have hard tops. Tonneau covers. Etc

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