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Spotted on in April 2019. This unaltered original example of the Galant coupe has a little bit of rust in the body and panels, but it's fairly limited and would make an easy project. Great looking cars and a cheaper way to get close to a GTO coupe. If you've got one of these classic Mitso's, sign up and add yours to the register. Check out the others on the register below.

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One owner , original  unrestored condition car 

For sale: 1983 Toyota AE86 (Zenki)

This original early example of the AE86 is located in Romania, and retains its original 4A-GE twin cam engine, excellent cloth trim and factory red paint. The seller has informed us that the car has some rust in the usual places, but runs, drives and brakes well. The car requires little work to get in full roadworthy condition, and would make an excellent club car or daily driver.

These cars have a big European following, and were very successful in the European Touring Car Championship between 1984 and 1988. Most notably, the AE86 won the European Touring Car Manufacturers Championship in 1986, surpassing some heavy competition including the BMW M6. The AE86 also made its name as a successful rear drive club racing car, and was a pioneer vehicle in the early days of drifting. Those that know the cars well would also recall its regular appearance in the "Initial D" Japanese street racing manga series.

A great modern classic at a very reasonable price, with lots of potential. For more information or to inspect the car, please contact Tirnovean by logging in and clicking the contact seller button above.


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€ - EUR
Sibiu, Romania
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Vehicle details

Paint colour/code: 
Red (Code 3D7)
Interior colour/code: 
Red/grey cloth
Current Mileage/Kilometers: 
92,741 km
Engine type: 
Engine fuel type: 
Chassis number: 
Other ID/number: 
Body type: 
Driver seating position: 
Left Hand Drive
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5 speed auto soon to be converted to a manual box from another Ralliart Magna

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Located in Japan, this is one of the rare Evo Pajeros which was built as a homologation special to compete in the Dakar rally. This example was advertised on in APril 2019. Looks to be in good condition, with low ks (75,000 on the clock). These cars are exceptionally rare and offer a sports SWB SUV like no other brand provided at the time. Mitsubishi's racing history and success at Dakar is very impressive, and it was the SWBs that led the charge.

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An Australian delivered example of the C36 AMG, this one with decent mileage at 330,000km. We spotted this car advertised on in April 2019, asking $15,000. At the time. there were a couple of other examples on sale at around the same value, indicating these early C class AMG cars are starting to get into the affordable classic category. If you've got an early AMG, sign up and add yours to the register so we can track the history of these rare early AMG cars.

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This BE-1, a somewhat limited edition (10,000 built) Japanese hatch was advertised on in April 2019, asking only $1,980 USD. Looks like this is a good time to buy, with landed cars in placed like Australia already asking under $5K. A cool looking Mini immitatio, with a similar carby 1.0l 4 cylinder engine. Full roll back sunroof, and the retro design continues inside. The cars do look a lot better witha set of minilite wheels / Watanabe's or similar. 

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This one was advertised on Ebay Australia in April 2019. Looks to be finished in single tone "Deep Blue", and the owner at the time noted it was an Australian (Sydney) delivered car. This car has the earlier 12-valve straight 6, which still puts out reasonable power (particularly for its time).

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The 5th on our small register of XR8 Sprints. This one looks to have been kept in very original condition, with reasonably low mileage for its age (215,000km). Unfortunately, however, the car no longer has its original engine.

AT the time we spotted this car online (Ebay AU), the seller made the following points:

-Feb 1994 Cobalt Auto A/C. No other options. 

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Spotted on Ebay in April 2019, this EA claims to be an SVO enhanced vehicle, and one of the 600 odd cars enhanced by SVO in 1989 when SVO was trying to establish a contract with Ford, as Tickford successfully did. This one has what looks to be a kit similar to the EB GT fitted, and does not have the grey lower panneling as normally applied to the SVOs - likely modified at some point in its life.