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 front bumper was damaged when I bought her. Painted I bought another oem 260RS replacement bumper a year ago but didnt paint it until yesterday.  Will be on the car this week! 8/30/20. Came with Autech BBS's but recently changed to r34GTR wheels

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We found this 2007 Ssangyong Chairman for sale on I presume it was located in Japan, although it seems strange being a LHD car when the Chairman was also produced in RHD.

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Located in Japan, this is one of the rare Evo Pajeros which was built as a homologation special to compete in the Dakar rally. This example was advertised on in APril 2019. Looks to be in good condition, with low ks (75,000 on the clock). These cars are exceptionally rare and offer a sports SWB SUV like no other brand provided at the time. Mitsubishi's racing history and success at Dakar is very impressive, and it was the SWBs that led the charge.

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This BE-1, a somewhat limited edition (10,000 built) Japanese hatch was advertised on in April 2019, asking only $1,980 USD. Looks like this is a good time to buy, with landed cars in placed like Australia already asking under $5K. A cool looking Mini immitatio, with a similar carby 1.0l 4 cylinder engine. Full roll back sunroof, and the retro design continues inside. The cars do look a lot better witha set of minilite wheels / Watanabe's or similar. 

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Spotted on Yahoo auctions in February 2019, asking 550,000 JPY. Looks to be a complete car, but if the hood is anything to go by, there'd be a lot of rust throughout.. Not many of these GTOs around, nice to see one still together.

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This Galant GTO shell was spotted on Yaho JP auctions in February 2019. Hopefully someone can put it back together, presuming the rust isnt too bad! Not many of these around, and only a few come up every couple of months in Japan - hugely desireable around the world now, and a nice alternative to the more common Datsun 240Zs.

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The first oine on Classic Register - spotted on Yahoo auctions in Japan asking $99,900 Yen. This was indeed a strange car, modified by tuning company AMG, providing mainly styling improvements to the Mitsubishi Debonair sedan in addition to the trim which was also referred to a British styling house.

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It is a one owner car with rare Matsumoto 55 number. (well, that's what google translate said on the site we found this on in 2018). Very nice example of the rare Toyota Crown MS7- / MS75 coupe.

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HR31 GTS-X looking a bit sad, this one advertised on Yahoo Auctions Japan, asking $201,000 JPY. Quite a few come up - we need to see more imported to Australia! If you have a GTS-X, sign-up and add your car to the register.

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