1967 Austin Mini Cooper S 1275cc (MK1)

This fully restored Austin Cooper S was originally offered through Classic Cars Ltd. The sellers at the time provided a very detailed descriptoin of the work done to the car, and it's history, as outlined below:

Documentation and history:
Additionally, a British Heritage Certificate documents the Mini. For those interested buyers that are unfamiliar with this important document, it provides information relative to the specific history of a British vehicle (only certain types/years of British cars qualify for a search under the British Heritage Group) and authenticates the originality of a particular car. Details contained on the original, hard copy British Heritage Certificate include the following:

  • Make / Mode: Morris Mini-Cooper "S” Mark I (1275 cc)
  • Car / Chassis Number: K-A2S4/932644
  • Engine Number: 9F-SA-Y/44034
  • Body Number: A.059884
  • Specifications: RHD, Home Market (England)
  • Colour: a) Exterior / Tartan Red with Black Roof / Trim: Red and Gold/Grey 
  • Date of Build: December 19, 1966
  • Date of Dispatch: December 22, 1966
  • Destination: W.W. Webber & Company Limited, Basingstoke, Hampshire
  • Other Numbers (none noted)
  • Details of Factory Fitted Equipment: Fresh Air Heater, Sump Guard, Extra Fuel Tank, 4.5inch Wide Wheel Rims, Oil Cooler
  • Certificate Issued on 6/26/2003 to Present Vehicle Owner

As for the cars history, interestingly enough, we sold this Mini to its current Southern California owner on 12/16/06. Since that time, he has driven the car very sparingly accumulated a documented 11,039 miles. As an automobile professional and enthusiast, the car was well maintained and used strictly a weekend car. 
When we first represented the car in 2006, the owner at that time had possession of the Mini for 4+ years. He was responsible for locating the car in Europe and arranging import after purchasing it from a gentleman in Portsmouth, England during his travels overseas. He supervised its loading and shipment by container to the Port in Southern California. 
Based on the UK records, the Mini has had limited ownership with one previous owner from 1993 to 2000, and the original owner having possession of the car from 1967 until its sale to Mr. Roger Tomkins on January 12, 1993. 
The original British number plate will be included with the Mini to further document its lineage/history. 


Mechanical condition and restoration:
It is very refreshing to see a Mini that, as they say in the UK, has not been all "tarted up.” This particular car retains its original engine, chassis, and body parts, and the documentation supports its authenticity. It is a very strong car mechanically, and British car specialists have performed the updates/upgrades on the Mini. Great care has been taken to ensure that the original charm and patina of the Mini have not been negatively affected. Virtually all of the changes that have been made to the car are very much "period” in nature, and those that you would expect to see on a Mini in the late 1960's, or early 1970's. No electronic ignition, Weber carburetor, or garish late model upgrades on this car!! 
While we are not in a position to guarantee the mileage of any vehicle that is approaching 40 years of age but this particular Mini truly does appear to have 115,246 original miles. In fact, the MOT (England's Government run, mandatory inspection for vehicles) reflects consistent, although limited mileage increases over the years. Using the current mileage shown on the "clock”, the car has traveled only 2,760 miles per year.
While the Mini was still in the UK, it received an extensive mechanical rebuild/restoration. This work is documented in the form of detailed repair invoices from one of the premier UK Mini repair facilities, Mini Sport Ltd. The work is extensive and thoroughly documented. 
The work was extensive and included a complete engine rebuild, new clutch, new brakes, new hoses, new generator, new ignition components, new battery, and much, much more. Listed below is a list of additional (although not all of the items due to the long, long list) items that were replaced / upgraded:

  • Complete & Total Rebuild of 1275 CC Engine (new bearings, rods,etc.)
  • Omega Pistons
  • 276 (Fast Road) Camshaft 
  • Competition Clutch, Clutch Plate & Cover 
  • New Clutch Slave Cylinder
  • Complete Twin Carburetor Rebuild & Road Tune
  • LCB Exhaust Header
  • Super flow Exhaust System & Side Exit Pip
  • Generator
  • New Brake Servo
  • New Front Brakes (Rally Type)
  • New Rear Brakes (Race)
  • New Wheel Bearings
  • New Starter 
  • Complete Tune-Up (New Plugs, Ignition Wires, Oil, Filter, Air Filters, etc.)
  • New Speedometer Cable
  • New Battery
  • Flush Cooling System / New Antifreeze

The Mini runs and drives very well, indeed. The car starts immediately with the use of the manual choke (it too works, and stays in the "out” position until the car warms up) and runs smoothly when cold, and warm. The car runs extremely well, and without hesitation as you accelerate smoothly, but briskly through each gear. The Mini does not leak excessive fluids, smoke, make any unusual noises, or exhibit any significant drivability issues.
The Mini Cooper "S” has been well-cared for/serviced over the years, and repairs have been made, as needed, with what appears to be a ‽cost no object” philosophy. The engine and mechanical work that was completed by Mini Sport Ltd. was costly, and extensive, and addressed virtually every major mechanical component. Judging by the strength of the engine, its sound, and driving the car, it is apparent that the car has received considerable attention. 
Since the car has been in California, it has been used on a limited basis and received ongoing care including updating / replacement of the following:

  • New clutch
  • Replace slave cylinder 
  • Rear brakes, & wheel cylinders
  • Front hub / seal kit
  • Several oil / filter changes and inspections
  • Tune-ups (plugs, points, rotor, new distributor)
  • Radiator replacement with new thermostat, gasket, related components & fresh anti-freeze
  • eplacement Facet fuel pump 

The clutch operates properly and does not chatter, slip or exhibit any problems whatsoever. Also, the syncromesh gears are excellent and the car shifts well. There is no excessive noise in the drive-line. 
The brakes on the Mini are excellent and stop the car straight, sure and quickly. The emergency brake is properly adjusted and functional. As we indicated earlier, all of the lighting systems and gauges work, as do the windshield wipers, and dash lights.
The engine bay on the Mini is largely stock in its appearance, down to the stock air box, and carburetors. Also present are the correct hoses, power brake booster (rebuilt). The valve cover is painted the proper green, original color, and is complete with the Morris emblem. The Mini also has a Lucas sport coil, upgraded (MK2) brake booster and signs of the recent mechanical work referenced earlier (new generator, tune-up bits, heater hoses, valve, etc.). The original braided wiring harness is in place, and visible in the engine bay. 
This Mini is turn key and ready for use. It needs nothing, and can be used as an occasional driver, or can be shown at local British meets as a very nice, original example of the desirable MK I Mini Cooper "S.” It is sure to be well received at any event in the USA, or abroad, as a very nice example of what many would classify as a "Survivor” (in the most positive sense). 


Interior condition:
This particular Mini is, as we have mentioned, a Mini that will probably find its way to either a true Mini collector, or a purist that appreciates the value of a car that has the charm and patina of an authentic 1967 Morris Mini Cooper "S.” Websters dictionary defines "patina” as: a) a surface appearance of something grown beautiful especially with age or use, or b) an appearance or aura that is derived from association, habit, or established character…well, this car fits that definition. It has grown more attractive with time and the character of the interior cannot be duplicated with new fabric and replacement, brand new parts.

  • The Mini has a very vintage appearance, and virtually all of the changes to the original car are minor, and are very "period” enhancements that one would expect to see on a 1967 Mini Cooper "S” in the late 1960's, or early 1970's. The changes that have been made include the following:
  • Upgraded, MotoLita steering wheel with magnificent engraving on the spokes (Very unusual and unlike any that we have seen) 
  • Morris logo wooden shift knob
  • 3-Point, retractable seatbelts / harnesses (Installed many years ago)
  • Smiths tachometer (Fully functional)

The Mini's unique side windows slide easily (unlike our personal car!) and lock. The green flasher on the end of the turn signal stalk is in place and flashes when the turn signal lever is activated (a really cool item on the Mini!), and the electrical system is fully functional. The Mini does not have a radio or speakers and the lack of a radio antenna would suggest that it was never equipped with one. Of course, the dealer would have added any radio in a Mini, in the day. 
Specifically, the interior is largely original and it appears as if the front seats have been recently re-upholstered in the same, attractive "gold brocade” material as original. They are the optional, higher back, reclining seats and are in very good condition with no rips, tear, or signs of wear. 
The front door panels and rear interior side panels also appear to have benefited from newer gold brocade (as per original) material at the time the seats, and carpeting were replaced. The material surrounding the dash pod and the vinyl on the "A” pillars is original. The rear seat is in good original condition and does not appear to have been recovered, or seen much (if any) use over the years. 
The carpeting is in excellent condition, and almost certainly has been replaced over the years but with a very similar, original style/material. The gauges are functional, and there is an added tachometer (Smiths) added to the parcel tray area as would have been done in 1967. The other gauges are functional (speedometer, fuel gauge and oil pressure). The oil pressure gauge in a Smiths, but true Mini aficionados will recognize that it is not an original gauge from a Mini Cooper "S”, but another British car of a similar vintage. 
The Mini has an original period style, sunroof that was typically added by the dealer at the time of delivery. It was a relatively common option for this year Mini. The exterior material is in excellent condition and is free from any rips, tears, or damage. The headliner is in good condition and while very original, could benefit from a thorough cleaning. However, most important, it is free from any damage. The sunroof is fully functional and has the original tinted "wind block.” 


Exterior condition:
The exterior is finished in the original color of Tartan Red / Black Top. The Mini has received the benefit of a re-spray in its original color, and has never seen a color change (like so many cars that we see). It also carries the correct color black roof, not a white roof that so many owners use on their Cooper "S” cars when they are re-done/restored. Our understanding is that only the factory "works” cars were painted with white roofs and the production "S” cars were issued with the black tops, like this "S.”
The paint on the Mini is in good condition and, as with the interior, has the charm that only an un-restored example can enjoy. The Mini is free from significant defects, and the body itself does not show any exterior rust, significant damage, or dents. A close, critical inspection does reveal minor flaws on the body / paintwork and the cars paint consistent with a vehicle of this vintage. Minor cosmetic issues such as door dings, minor chips and scratches do not detract from the charm of the Mini or its overall attractiveness as an original Cooper "S.” The doors close solidly and lock securely. The gaps on the body panels are good. There is a dent on the drivers side door. It is located in a hardly noticeable place on the very lower inner door (near the chrome kick panel) where the door touched against something while it was open. This does not affect the functionality of the door itself and is strictly cosmetic. The hood closes and latches securely, as does the trunk. All of the locks are functional.
The exterior trim and the logos (front and rear) on the Mini are in very good condition. The upper moustache portion of the grill area shows some minor pitting (these bits are available) chrome is brilliant, and all of the logos are in beautiful condition. The trim around the windows is good, and the rubber moldings in the doors, trunks, windows (including the window channels), were changed when the car was restored. The bumpers, including the over riders, are straight and with excellent chrome. 
The exterior of the Mini Cooper "S” has been kept virtually 100% stock or "period” with only a few subtle changes being made for aesthetic, or safety reasons (Improved wheels, Yokohama tires & upgraded headlights). 
An inspection of the car underneath the front and rear floor mats reveals clean, dry metal and no indications of rust through, or rot. The car did receive partial floor panel replacement but the work was completed by professionals and is very difficult to see. The undercarriage was been undercoated / protected so as to avoid any damage, or rusting of the Cooper "S.” 
Also apparent during a visual inspection of the undercarriage is the cleanliness of the engine that was rebuilt only a few thousand miles ago. The underside is also tidy, solid, and does not appear to have had any damage. The boot board is in place and it is completely original. A spare tire is included, and it is mounted to a matching wheel/tire. An original, un-restored jack is provided. The rear trunk area is exceptionally clean, and free from rust. 

Vehicle details

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Vehicle Location: Country: 
Build date: 
built in 1967
Manual (floor shift)
115,246 miles
Paint Colour/Code: 
Tartan Red
Interior Colour/Code: 
Red Gold Brocade
Engine Fuel Type: 
Petrol (4 stroke)
Engine Number: 
Chassis Number: